Elektragaaz Releases Part 1 In Your Own Private Cinema Series

Elektragaaz Releases Part 1 In Your Own Private Cinema Series

Elektragaaz, that mind-bending electronic multi-fusion gang, is back with a vengeance with the release on May 5, of Your Own Private Cinema, Part 1 the first installment of a planned new six-part series of EPs. Your Own Private Cinema, Part 1 continues and intensifies the diverse and genre-agnostic style of the previous series of EPs, The Synaesthetic Picture Show, which earned a trove of critical praise.

The novel and compelling musical output of Elektragaaz has been described as “masterful and original,” “mesmerizing,” “ground breaking,” “magic,” and a work of “musical genius”. Echoing a general theme, one reviewer opined that “Elektragaaz has reinvigorated and redefined instrumental music” while another commentator suggests the music “transports you the moment you press play.” Elektragaaz’s mosaic of musical and cultural influences include but are not limited to pop, synth pop, rock, progressive rock, electronic jazz, jazz fusion, soundtrack, club, techno, deep house, ambient music, hip hop, trip hop, dance, classical music, film noir, comic strips, graphic novels, spaghetti westerns and video games. Commentators and reviewers have recognized that attempting to categorize Elektragaaz by genre doesn’t allow for the nuance or complexity of their music. For example, one commentator has described the sonic element of the band’s musical landscape as a successful combination of a variety of genres “ranging from the sizzle of jazz, baroque aromas, the smooth elongated flows of prog-rock, the energy of dance, and the heft of alt-rock.” While it is clear that the music of Elektragaaz cannot easily be pigeonholed, one might fancifully describe it as Kraftwerk in an imaginary studio in the sky creating music with Vangelis, Steven Wilson, Gorillaz, Snarky Puppy, Jean-Michel Jarre, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Wendy Carlos and Pink Floyd.

The songs in Your Own Private Cinema, Part 1 are a diverse bunch. “We May Die But We Will not Rust” is a bad-ass anthem to to taking risks and living life to the fullest, “Things Take a Turn” is a musical reflection on those dizzy times in life where everything seems to go south or sideways, “Dancing, a little Tipsy, with Shorty” is a whimsical tale of an inebriated spin on the dance floor, “Lady Hannah Fights the Red Demon” is a tribute to the unquenchable courage of the female warrior, “Tropical Sway” is a retreat to tropical breezes, white beaches and blue water and “The Cheerful Dead” is a somewhat jolly, somewhat macabre, dance of skeletons, ghosts and other post-life personages and apparitions.

Elektagaaz was founded in 2017 by a reclusive and mysterious young Frisian musician—principal composer of all Elektragaaz music—who goes by the pseudonym of Poppo Redband and by New York producer Trebor Lloyd. The Elektragaaz band features six gifted musicians, all from the New York metropolitan area, including Kathy Kaos on keyboards, Kosmic Kate on brass, Tom Elektron on electric guitar, Jas Windstorm on woodwinds, Josh Firebow on strings and Mat Thunder on bass. In addition, Your Own Private Cinema features special guest appearances by other top talents, including, among others New York horn player Blair Hamrick and Brooklyn violinist/violist Alex Santamaria. The music is arranged and produced by Lloyd who most recently produced and co-created The Painted Caravan Trilogy for The Peter Ulrich Collaboration headed by ex Dead Can Dance percussionist Peter Ulrich.

Your Own Private Cinema, Part 1 is on AIS Records and is distributed by Virtual Label to all major music platforms. Please contact Rick Eberle at [email protected] for further information on Elektragaaz.

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